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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chrome Towel Radiators - The Latest Arrival from MaxtherM

Chrome towel radiators give your bathroom a modern but stylish look, and our latest arrivals are the MaxtherM chrome towel radiators.

These combine excellent value for money with solid reliability and are made to exacting specifications. We're offering free valves and shipping with each chrome towel radiator bought; in short, MaxtherM are THE towel radiators you'll want for your bathroom.

Suitable for home central heating systems running on both gas and oil, the MaxtherM range of chrome towel radiators is ideal for installation in your kitchen, cloakroom, family bathroom or en-suite bathroom and comes in both flat and curved models.

A flat chrome towel radiator is the perfect option for fitting into tight spaces and behind doors, while a curved one gives you greater choice about the number and size of towels you can hang at any the same time.

There's nothing quite like getting out of the bath/shower and being able to wrap yourself up in a lovely warm, fluffy towel, so we really recommend you add an electric heating element to your chrome towel radiator to make it dual fuel and allow you to use it when central heating is off i.e. in the middle of summer.

MaxtherM chrome towel radiators are in stock right now, so order today and start enjoying the benefits they can bring to your bathroom.

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