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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How does Dual Fuel differ from Electric Only?

There is a lot of confusion between how an electric only towel rail is different from a dual fuel towel rail.

To put it very simply, a dual fuel towel rail can be plumbed into the central heating system while also having the capability of running on an electric heating element, whereas an electric only towel rail is only capable of running from an electric heating element.

The most common situation for a dual fuel towel rail is where a home-owner wants the towel rail to heat towels when the central heating is on in the winter, but also have the capability of warming towel rails in the summer, using the element.

The electric only towel rail would be used on the electric system all year round. Usually these are fitted because the home-owner does not have the capacity to fit the towel rail to the central heating system and fitting the element is more convenient.

Below is a diagram of how a dual fuel system would look and work:

In contrast, the electric only would look like the following:

Items you would need in order to make a dual fuel towel rail include the following:
- The towel rail
- An electric element
- A set of valves (as seen in picture above, most often angled valves are used)
- 2 x T-pieces
- One blanking plug

Items you would need to fit an electric only towel rail include the following:
-The towel rail (this would need to arrive filled with a water based chemical fluid)
- An electric element

You may also need (for both):
- Fused spur and back box
- Timer

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