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Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to save money on your electricity bills with Economy 7 Electric and your bathroom radiator

If your home is run on Economy 7 electric, this means that the electricity company provides you with a reduced-rate electricity supply during an agreed seven hour period. During this time, you need to make the most of this economy. This means that you should use your washing machine, dishwasher and other domestic appliances that run on electricity during this period.

The bathroom is already a damp place and damp can be a major health risk. If you don't have central heating, then this can be a real nuisance, as the moisture in the air doesn't have a chance to clear. Think about all the damp towels and bath mats hanging around. Not good!

If you install an electric towel rail (also called an electric bathroom radiator) and fit it with a digital timer, you can control when your radiator comes on. This means that you can dry your towels and warm the atmosphere of your bathroom on the cheap.

Even though you're looking to save money, you're not going to want to install something that looks bad, so this digital time control is chrome covered. It will then hardly stand out from the towel rail.

So, even though you will spend a bit of money on this timer, if you do the maths for your electric bill, you can heat your bathroom efficiently, dry your towels and prevent damp problems occurring.

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